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The 'Break The Norms Movement' is a global initiative to break taboos in spirituality and paint a transparent picture of pure potentiality that is seeking manifestation in all of us. With sacred meditations and mantras, we aim to bring you road-maps to truth in a way that's amoral and independent in its soul. Our entire lives are built on the solid foundation created by those who guide and help steer us in the right direction. As children we have the adults in our lives to guide us, to teach us, and to mold us into the...
"My vision is to uncensor spirituality, celebrate unconditional love, and spread happiness"Chandresh Bhardwaj,
Founder of Break The Norms Movement

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You have a CPA to manage your finances, a lawyer to manage your legal matters and a doctor to manage your health, but who is helping your manage your spiritual journey? How do you know if you’re heading down the right path?


Praise About Us
  • Tribune India
    "Youngest motivational guru of the West"
  • Speaking Tree
    "Bhardwaj's meditations that lead to personal transformation have been well received all over the world"
  • Hindustan Times
    "Indian student in US making waves with counselling"
  • Tathaastu
    "Raising Consciousness Globally with Mantra and Meditation."
  • Asia Spa
    "As Founder of worldwide Break The Norms movement, Chandresh Bhardwaj has made it his life's mission to help people realize their highest potential and create a norm breaking world."