Through donation-based workshops, courses, events and programs, we’re working to raise global consciousness and encourage people to ask, “What would happen if I broke the norms? What if I smiled at the person who’s yelling at me? What would happen if I brought love and light to the people who are expecting to receive darkness and hate?”

Break the Norms wants to bring about this change through meditation. We believe that meditation has tremendous power to shift the human perspective away from day-to-day dramas, negativity and loneliness, and toward a large, transformative power that has the potential to shift global consciousness.

Break the Norms is more than an organization: it’s a movement. We understand that the most impactful changes in the world start with just one person; one single individual has the potential to transform the way we as human beings think and behave. Through community meditation, we intend to reconnect the global community with higher thinking and peacefulness.