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Bo Erik received his first computer when he was just 8 months old. 

By the time he was 2 years old, he was copying Scooby Doo images from games onto his computer as screen savers.  At age 5, Bo Erik was competing with high school gamers.

When Bo Erik turned 9-years old, he taught himself HTML Code and designed the kids' website. 

In addition to having articles written about his work, Bo Erik has appeared on television twice, teaching other kids about the brain. He and his sister also appeared on Radio Disney for 30 minutes given their efforts promoting their foundation, NeuroKids, and their work in neuroscience. 

During the last four years, Bo Erik and his sister have traveled with their family to over 25 countries for cultural edification. Growing up between California, Mexico, and Paris, he is multilingual and multicultural, and can converse with a diverse range of people. Much of his childhood has been spent in museums, climbing pyramids, participating in digs at archaeological sites, and traveling.

At age 11, Bo Erik published his first science fiction novel, The Wizard's Apprentice.

Bo Erik skipped two grades and is enrolled in an advanced young scholars program with a current GPA of 3.89. He speaks French and is a renaissance thinker if ever there was one. He reads Plato, loves Star Wars, is obsessed with watching YouTube tutorials on how to make everything in the world, and builds computers and mobile apps for fun.  

Bo Erik listens to and composes classical music, and has been called an Indigo Child or a high-frequency genius. 

Today, Bo Erik is building advanced gaming computers that increase the overall performance, gaming, and 3D rendering of the gaming experience. He also designs the background gaming layouts for the Halo Reach's online competition games and is a top contributor. He said he was tired of "shooting" people, and now serves as a "medic" in the game helping wounded soldiers. He now earns extra points for helping others navigate the game, which earns him additional credit, which he uses to buy gear and components that serve as background for his Machinima movies. 

This February, he will begin Professor Sebastian Thrun's 7-week course on Building a Search Engine. (Sebastian Thrun is a Research Professsor of Computer Science at Stanford University and a Google Fellow).

Bo Erik is currently writing a script titled "WHO" ... and is filming the entire short in what is called "Machinima-film" style or video game technology filming (the same technology used in many documentary battle scenes). 

As a person, Bo Erik is a gentleman, and an inspiration to his friends and family. 

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